No Shame Ministry

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”
~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Single Moms Who Pray Ministry is for Christian mothers raising children without fathers in the home. The mission of Single Moms Who Pray Ministry is to support, strengthen and serve through prayer. In addition to prayer we offer resources and Bible studies that focus on these mothers and their families unique and specific needs.
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Girls Fight Night!

Have you noticed that you and your girlfriends are struggling with the same issues over and over again?
Fight Night is a unique concept created by Sage Mentoring to bring women together for an intimate, real talk, real discovery experience where the following topics are discussed:
– How to have faith
– Shame of Sin
– Walking in your purpose
– Blame vs. Responsibility
– Catalyst for Change
– Feeling Forsaken by God
– Lessons from Ruth
– Who is Boaz
Don’t hide your struggles, learn how to THRIVE, together, through your struggles!
The New Face of Girl’s Night Out!

 Are you tired of being in a battle with God?

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Are you tired of feeling like you are alone and like God has forsaken you? It’s time to tap out of the battle and learn the lessons He’s been trying to teach you and grow in Him. It’s time to END the fight!
The Fight for Your Life: 7 Rounds to a Knock-Out Win with God
A 7-week online program where each participant will:
– Learn the Lessons
– Grow in Him
– Release the Shame
– Grow in Faith
– Release the Blame
– Understand: Who is Boaz?
In addition, each participant will receive:
– My Fight with God by Ms. Jennifer Pink
– 7 Rounds to a Knock-Out Win with God Workbook
– Fight Tee
– Certificate of Completion
Participant Cost: One Single Payment of
Seven Weekly Payments of $17.85


Am I in a Fight with God?


Fight With God? What’s that? How can we be fighting God?
The fight is real and so many women are in the fight of their lives and don’t even know or understand. Our mentors can show you better than tell you, so let them show your women’s group at your next meeting. We guarantee that you’ve been fighting Him for a long time and all we want to do is show you because VICTORY is in the surrender!
Designed for groups of 15 or more
Great for women’s ministry meetings
Session is an hour and thirty minutes
Special discount pricing on any other Fight Programs and Merchandise if booked during session



Fight Monologues!

A boxing experience like none other. Sit ringside and watch the women fight it out with God in the ring. The women go toe-to-toe with God, get bruised and stumble. Every match up is sure to be a TKO but probably not the way you think it should go.
Ticket prices vary
To find out when the next Fight Monologue Performance is please email
To sponsor, host or schedule a Fight Monologue at a gym near you please email
If you are interested in becoming a fighter in the ring please email