Stressed out?

  • massage_stress_relief
  • Baby Daddy stressing you out?
  • Being a SINGLE Mom stressing you out?
  • Life stressing you out?
  • YES, YES and YES!!!
  •  Did you know that stress is a huge reason women gain weight probably the #1. Did you know that is causes women to gain weight  in their mid-section? Yep, stress is the reason why you are walking around looking like your still pregnant when your baby was born years ago. So how about you finally release the Baby Mama Weight!
  • – Learn the source of your stress
  • – Learn tips on how to reduce your stress
  • – Learn how to shift your mindset to prevent stress habits
  • – Learn how to FREE yourself of the drama weight
  • Includes a FREE stress reducer
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Boot Camp
  •  weight-loss-lady-2-600x434
  • Are you ready to shift your mindset and lose the weight for good this time?
  •  somerthinggoodtoeat
  • Sage Mentoring has teamed up with The McGhee Experience to bring you a 90 day Do-It-Yourself Boot camp. No need to join a gym, get a nutritionist or hire a trainer because we’ve done all that for you. Over 90 days you’ll receive:
  • – Customized THRIVE Plan
  • – Motivating Messages
  • – A customized meal plan
  • – 5 at home workout videos filled with tons of workouts you can mix and match
  • – 3 accountability calls
  • – Weekly reminders to keep you on track
  • In addition each participant will receive
  • – Signature Water Bottle
  • – I lost the weight Tee
  • Two payments of $99
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Healthy Eating

Cooking Class
  • natural-and-heatlhy-food
  • – Great Recipes and Techniques
  • – Hands-On Cooking Class
  • – Kid Tested and Approved Meals
  • – Recipe Book Included
  • – Taught by World-Class Chef Tibby of Something Good to Eat
  • – Can be a private class for one family or up to 5 families
  • Two payments of $115