It takes 21 days


  They say it takes 21 days to break or form a habit! It takes 3 little weeks to become a brand new person. So why not spend the next 21 days getting off the emotional rollercoaster? You know you want more, you know you need more. Well, the only way to get more is to release, embrace and begin to THRIVE! Here’s your kick start guide to doing just that in only 21 days.



21 Days to Release the Past, Embrace the Present and THRIVE in the Future: A 3-week online program where each participant will:

– Release the Past
– Embrace the Present
– AFFIRM themselves
– See their future
– Clean out those who keep you from THRIVING
– Begin to THRIVE
In addition, each participant will receive:
– Daily emails from the Sage Mentors
– Book
– Workbook
– Access to 21 Day online support group
Participant Cost: One Single Payment of
Three Weekly Payments of $35.00

Men Aren’t the Problem!


If Men aren’t the problem who is?
How can Men not be the problem?
It Surely Can’t be me!
Dating sucks doesn’t it? You meet a man, he seems great like the thing you’ve been waiting for and then BOOM out of nowhere he turns out to be just like the rest of them a user, abuser, liar, cheater and good for nothing. But WAIT!!!! The truth of it all is men aren’t the problem….. YOU yes YOU ARE! Don’t believe us come and ask them yourselves.
– Designed for groups of 15 or more
– Great for women’s groups and girlfriends tired of the same ole same ole
– Champagne and Light Hor d’oeuvres provided
– Fun, Relaxing but Life Changing Evening
$ 150