Single moms, have you been thinking about writing a book? Do you desire to tell your unique story? Have you tried to figure out how to begin or been weeding through all of the programs that have made it even HARDER than you want to deal with?

BRAVE Pink Pearls Book Club has created the perfect solution – just for single moms!

We provide one-on-one mentoring through the process: One-on-one writing coaching and one-on-one editing and publishing – just for single moms! All of this is included in one package – just for single moms!

No more confusion. No more trying to figure out what program is best for you. No more questions on how to begin writing. No more of having your emotions block you from sharing your story.

Are you READY to write that book? Let BRAVE Pink Pearls Book Club IGNITE you to bring your story to life from start to finish.

We want to help single moms THRIVE in Business as well so we created the Single Mompreneur Spotlight. We combine various pieces of our platform to spotlight you to the world such as our blog, weekly e-news and social media. By using our various platforms we guarantee over 3k views of each spotlight. What better way to share with the world: who you are, what you do and how to THRIVE!

Learn more about the Single Mompreneur Spotlight by clicking the picture.