Welcome to YOUR Fuller Life ~ Purpose and Profit with Lexi Jones

Hosted By: LeaAnn Fuller

Special Guest: Lexi Jones

The show will be a candid discussion about understanding your purpose and how business ownership is a viable option for living your purpose and monetizing it. Lexi will cover the reason why we struggle trying to understand our purpose thus leading to a mundane, unfulfilled, dissatisfying life. Finally, how to understand your purpose, determine your niche, and monetize it.

We often confuse our purpose with our calling and vice versa. Not having a clear understanding of purpose can prevent one from determining how they will live out their purpose. After bringing clarity to what purpose is, Lexi will tell the audience how to determine their calling. There are three essential components to determining calling.

As single moms, we desire freedom of time, finances, and lifestyle. Lexi will discuss business ownership as a viable and perhaps the best option for monetizing purpose in a healthy way and achieving freedom.

Finally, Lexi will discuss the solution for single moms who see business ownership as a viable path to freedom. Why choose between purpose and profit when you can have both? Successful business ownership is possible for single moms too. Lexi believes that business ownership is the best path to freedom of time, finances, and lifestyle.

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