Welcome to YOUR Fuller Life ~ BOLDLY Say Yes to YOU!

Hosted By: LeaAnn Fuller

Special Guest: Audra R. Upchurch

In this segment of Welcome to YOUR Fuller Life: BOLDLY Say Yes to YOU! with Audra R. Upchurch, tune in to learn why it’s so important to thrive. Thriving begins with learning how to put ourselves first, and then get practical tips for exactly how to begin the process.

We are often taught to be self sacrificing, to our own detriment and to that of our children. We have to show them, especially our daughters, what self love looks like! Self Love and Selfishness are not synonymous. You are not alone, You can have the life of happiness that you envision, you just have to be willing to embrace the process this is required to achieve it. It’s YOUR TIME to BOLDLY Say YES to YOU!

“What good is it to have professional success but my relationships are a personal mess?” Those are the stirring words echoed by Brooklyn born, U.S. Army veteran, marathon runner, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and bestselling author Mrs. Audra R. Upchurch. Audra is the proof positive evidence that not only are there lemonade transformations, but with the “life runner” spirit…sparkling champagne. Homeless at 15 due to her mother’s struggle with mental illness/family stability and a single mom at 17, Audra knows how wrong choices and limited relationships can derail the life of the brightest and most promising individuals. Audra says it best, “reading books became my sanctuary to seeing the world from other people’s eyes and “couch hopping” to keep a roof over my head…was my normal”. But in spite of severe life struggles aka “lemons” and more; Audra intentionally decided to make a course correction…and her incredible life story and message for us today is “We Can Too.”

Fast forward, today Audra is a senior level administrator who works for a Fortune 500 corporation, no longer homeless; she’s a serial residential property owner! In partnership with her husband Tony, Audra is CFO of UPFAM Enterprises LLC, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA

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