A Better Me: Building Wealth Mentally and Financially

Hosted By LeaAnn Fuller

Special Guest  Terra and Kamisha of Sisters Doing More

In this Segment of Welcome to Your Fuller Life: A Better Me. Building Wealth Mentally and Financially. We will be joined by Sisters Doing More as they are on a mission to empower 1 Million women to build their mental and financial wealth by the year 2020.

Sisters Doing More’s mission is to reach 1 Million Families by the year 2020 and many of these families are lead by women who are struggling with the emotional balance of it all because they have allowed society or their internal network to define them as undeserving of More. SDM is here to stand up and say, no more, we want to turn to negative words and emotions into positive affirmations and build the financial knowledge necessary to shift the mindset of, “I don’t deserve it” or “I don’t know enough ” about building their own financial foundation and live it without the emotional shackles unworthiness.

Terra and Kamisha, biological sisters, launched Sisters Doing More to share our life experiences and be the sunlight to a woman’s cloudy world – nationally! Our mission is to create a worldwide change amongst women who seek encouragement on pursuit, perception and pedantic.

We believe every women deserves the opportunity of ample fulfillment despite their economic changes and governmental status. Women deserve the right to experience purpose, joy and accomplishment in order to break the chains of self-doubt. Through the emergence of our aWAKEening movements, I AM and I QUIT, we want women to see their true reflections.

We are Sisters Doing More worldwide.

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