The Real with Sage Single Moms ~ When the other parent dies

Hosted by Patricia

Special Guest Ronda Braden and Quisha

What do you do when your child’s other parent dies? Sage Single Mom Patricia will have an honest, real discussion with Ronda Braden and Quisha about what to do.

Whether the other parent is involved or not, if they die that will severely impact your child. What do you do? How do you explain it to your child? What are the best moves a parent in this situation should make?

Ronda Braden is a single mother of 6 children. After the death of her husband 20 years ago, she picked up her life and raised the children with some support from her parents, siblings, and Mom and Sister In Love. She has 5 awesome grandchildren with whom she loves to spend her free time. Ronda is an advocate for grandparents and their participation (interaction) in the lives of their grandchildren. Ronda has been a Billing/Payroll Specialist for 20+ years with a medical staffing agency. Ronda has also received her Associates Degree from St. Louis Community College and is working towards obtaining her Bachelors’ in Business Administration. Ronda is an active member in her local church as well as on the state level assisting with record keeping, health unit and usher board. Ronda is also an excellent Virtual Business Assistant and provides outstanding service to entrepreneurs from various industries.

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Facebook: RBraden-Author, Instagram: rondabraden, Periscope: @RondaBraden, Twitter: @braden141965



Quisha is a devoted wife and mother of 4 (2 bio, 2 bonus), 3 girls 1 boy whom she adores and enjoys being a mother to. She has always had a special place her my heart for women. Being able to relate to women on so many levels give her an perspective that is truly unique. She has recently founded the Super Womanly blog in Sept of 2017 that inspires and provides advice to women which is truly her passion.

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