All Out with Madre Soltera Becky ~ They Fight for our Freedom and then have to Fight for their Kids

Hosted by Madre Soltera Becky

Special Guest Co-Host Mikey Rollen

Special Guest Cory Vigil and Tim Ford

In this episode of All Out with Madre Soltera Becky her co-host and guest Mikey, Cory and Tim all have different experiences walking into family court as an active duty military and a veteran. Most judges agree since military life is not stable it is not most beneficial to a child. 

Becky’s Special Co-Host Mikey Rolen was able to get custody of his children regardless of his status as a veteran while Becky’s ex walked into court with his dress blues on and still was made a weekend dad. He was a marine when she met him and was active army as their child was growing up. He will say regardless of color or color of your uniform it is an uphill battle. Corey Vigil is a Navy Veteran and struggled to get custody when he was discharged. He used his experience to help other veterans for a local nonprofit. Tim Ford’s story is eerily similar. Civilian judges are not supposed to use religion to base custody but in his case they did, and now he has to pay out of pocket since his ex refuses tricare. These veterans fought so we did not have to. So why is there battle in family court so different?

Mikey Rolen is a Veteran of the U.S. Army

Corey Vigil is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and also anOperation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Tim Ford is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and also an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran



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