‘Controversy, Music and Kids

Hosted By: Madre Soltera Becky

Special Guest Host: Mikey Rollen

Special Guest: Will “M-Dot” Allen

He is a father, rapper and entrepreneur.  He has been caught up in the corrupt family law system where mom can cancel PAID supervised visits. He has faithfully shown up and done everything the court has asked and mom is showing classic parental alienation, and the courts don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Will “M-DOT” is from Oceanside, California and is a local rapper who started record label Siqq Dreams Music Group “2Qs”. His hip hop and RB music has quickly spread on the west coast. He went from prison to his passion of music and spending time with his kids. A brutal unfair custody fight has left him with supervised visits and dealing with an alienating other parent. We will discuss music, family, and his struggles and hopefully give this father some advice from Mikey Rolen who is an advocate for fathers rights.

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