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I’m sitting here thinking about this week’s upcoming show for The Real with Sage Single Moms about single moms working a 9-5 job. I’ll never forget that trying to balance work and mommy-hood started as early as when I was pregnant. I had a TOUGH one. It wasn’t that dream pregnancy that I thought it would be. I stayed sick and was always in the hospital. I was completely miserable.

From day to day I didn’t know whether my child or I would survive it. I had to call into work a lot but my supervisor knew my situation. One particular time I called and I guess she figured it was time to have a “talk” with me.

“Woman to woman you are NOT going to feel like yourself Monica. You’re pregnant, you’re not dying. Almost every woman in this call center has a child and lived through it. You are going to have to make a decision on whether this job is important to you or do you just want to lay around and give in to your pregnancy aches and pains.”

I was floored but I had already known by the way the baby’s father was acting that I was going to be in it alone so of course I went. I was so sick that at one point the doctor put me on meds for cancer patients and it cost $50 PER PILL but I paid it just so I could stay out of the hospital and work. My sickness wasn’t limited to just mornings and it lasted throughout the whole pregnancy. I was a mess, but I still worked.

Fast forward to when she was a year old and contracted the flu that several babies had already died from. I’d had my younger cousin staying with me to help me take care of the baby while she was sick and I worked. She eventually got so weak she couldn’t open her eyes. Needless to say having someone one else watch her while I worked was not an option for me so I called in. The same supervisor wanted to have another “talk” with me about the importance of my job and the ability to make hard decisions. I made a decision and it wasn’t hard at all. I chose my child over that job and vowed I would always do so.

Kids aren’t free so therefore we as single mothers do what we can and must in order to support them. Jobs are a sure way to be able to provide a secure and steady income for your family. Sometimes work hours can be an issue and that’s definitely where your village comes into play. Family and close friends can who can provide care after school or during your work hours is a great way to save money and assure you that your child is safe and that’s one less thing you have to worry about while you are trying to focus at work. My parents watched my baby and it was a lifesaver!

Working doesn’t automatically mean less time with your babies. If possible work during their school hours or work close to their school so you can go enjoy having lunch with them. I work from 8:30am to 5pm and her school is less than ten minutes away. Luckily my job is flexible so if I need to take lunch at a different time or take a little bit longer than my normal lunch as long as I keep good communication with my supervisor they are great with working with me. My goal is to eventually have a position within a company I can work my own hours and even from home. That way I’ll be able to go sit in on her classes from time to time. Schools need to know you are a hands-on parent and love to be involved.

Working is not a bad thing when it provides you with a way to care of the financial responsibility of having a child. Everything can be made to fit the needs of you and your family so make sure you take full advantage of alternative scheduling methods your job may have to offer. Remember, if you don’t like something or if it doesn’t work for you, then change it!! Until next time you guys, be on the lookout for more from your girl MoGeSu!!

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