When I think of working 9 to 5, the first thing that comes to mind is the song and movie from Dolly Parton. I know I maybe dating myself but the words couldn’t be so true about just trying to make a living. Working a 9 to 5 job has its own challenges all to itself but try adding being a single mom to the equation. This other 24/7 job never has a time to clock in or out. You are on mommy duty all day even when you are at work believe it or not. Even though you are at work your kids are on your mind all day. How many lunch breaks did you use calling the doctor’s office for an appointment, setting up a playdate for your child, or making plans for the next soccer game or dance recital? Plenty right? Well, this is on top of trying to do well at your job so you can advance and earn the position you are most qualified for. Because, after all you are a great worker and it shows. However, there are sacrifices that must be made. There are some working moms that are thriving and can have it all a booming career as well as being a mom. There is a magazine dedicated to this very topic. Many of Fortune 500 companies value working moms including the ones I’ve worked for in the past to help with a work life balance. But for some working moms there is a real hard choice that has to be made. Which do you sacrifice your potential advancements at work or missing out on your kids? Fortunately, for me I have found somewhat of a balance. Now, I may not have advanced in all the opportunities that came my way. Although, they seemed perfect the timing wasn’t for whatever reason. But when it was right, I was able to still find a way to progress and grow within the workforce. I believe the key to this was finding that time to be there for my kids and finding a way to advance at my job all depended on the timing of both. So when I say timing I mean the timing of the age, activities and responsibilities of your children and what advancement opportunities are available and when. Just being able to recognize when the timing is right for you is how you can find that delicate balance between being a single mom and working a 9 to 5.  It can be done you just have to know what your striving for, be patience, and be the best mom you can while you can. Because you can always get another 9 to 5 job but you can’t always get another chance at being your kids amazing mom.

~ Carolyn  Wilson

Carolyn Wilson 

Carolyn Wilson creator of Magnify Your Essence is The Fearless Magnified Educator an empowerment expert who educates, empowers, and inspires women to see and reach their full potential. A survivor of sexual child abuse and domestic violence, this single mom guides women to identify their life’s purpose and how to break through their own barriers.  

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