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Currently I’m single and guess what? I’m okay with that! After I had my daughter and realized that it was definitely going to be just she and I, immediately I jumped into “Project Step-Daddy” mode. From the beginning the whole idea was for her biological father and I to be a family. Me raising a child alone was never in the plan, well at least not my plan. Before we got serious I’d never had a problem getting attention from guys so I figured being a single mom with only one child shouldn’t change anything that much. Come to find out I was right.

I still got attention and I found that most guys didn’t seem to care that I had a child. Being a single mother hadn’t changed the dating scene, but slow and surely it had changed ME. The qualities I was looking for became more defined. My tolerance level for the B.S. got lower and lower. I didn’t have the time nor patience for games. It seems as if the guys I was coming across were more childish than I’d remembered, or had becoming a single mom matured me?

As my daughter got older my search became more frantic although it never became so desperate that I would’ve gotten with just anybody. I wanted someone on my level, someone who was ready to be the husband and father I prayed for him to be. I felt alone in the situation. I’d sometimes try to talk to friends but then I’d get the “learn to love yourself before you try to love someone else” speech. Loving myself has never been an issue so I became more discouraged and became silent about the subject all together.

As she grew up and was obviously okay with the idea of not having a step-father, I made the decision that it was actually for the best for now. I’m able to focus on her dancing career, her grades, and my entrepreneurship goals. Let’s not forget that I’m a hopeless romantic and I’d never block my blessing by saying I’m not open to a relationship at all. All I know is that it’s going to take that one great guy to sweep me AND my daughter off our feet so I hope he’s ready. We’ve BEEN ready for him but just busy living and loving our lives while we wait!! Until next time you guys, be on the lookout for more from your girl MoGeSu!!

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