Introducing Single Mom Mentor Patricia Taylor-Stuart

Hello, I am Patricia Taylor-Stuart, but you can call me Trish. I am born and raise New Yorker. I have transition to Georgia about 3 years ago, for a change and honor a promise I made to my beloved husband. I am loving it!!!  I am currently an single mother of an 22 year old daughter -Zaira  9 year old son -Jafari and 3 year old daughter- Talia. I definitely enjoy being an Mother, it my most important job out of everything else.  Motherhood definitely stretches  and strengthen you as an person.

I am an Health professional, been in the health field for over 20 years. I am a mother, widow and an entrepreneur. I have a travel business and beauty, health and wellness business. I love volunteering and helping build up my community.  I believe we are born serve, share and love.  I have a yellow and blue personality,  with at being said I love helping others and having fun.

I haven’t always been a single mother. I was married and my husband got sick with a lung disease  that we battled together for about 5 years.  Unfortunately my husband passed and in May, 2012 I become a single mother again. That experience have forever changed me for the better.  Life is fill of challenging circumstances. I look forward to sharing my story during this journey.