Mentor Talk with Quisha

Loving a Man who Lost a Wife and the Mother of His Children When my husband’s previous wife passed away suddenly,  I can only imagine how devastating that was to him and his two children.  In the blink of an eye he was left wifeless and his children no longer had... read more

Do you blame you?

Hey Y’all Hey!! I have a question for you single mothers who have TRULY absentee fathers in your children’s lives:  What do you think YOU could’ve done for things to have turned out differently? In other words do you blame YOU? I ask myself this question all the time.... read more

Mentor Talk: Working a 9-5 with Author MoGeSu

Hey Y’all Hey!!! I’m sitting here thinking about this week’s upcoming show for The Real with Sage Single Moms about single moms working a 9-5 job. I’ll never forget that trying to balance work and mommy-hood started as early as when I was pregnant. I had a TOUGH one.... read more